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An Immigration Bail Bond is similar to other types of bail bonds in that a percentage of the full cash bond amount set by the judge in order to be released from jail to wait for future hearings and proceedings. Unlike other types of bail bond, with Immigration Bail Bonds, there is typically a need for some type of collateral as well due to the high flight risk associated with immigration charges.

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When a Green Card holder or any person who is not a United States citizen is arrested by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement, formerly known as the INS), an immigration bail bond is needed to secure their release. An immigration bail bond is written to ensure the defendant will appear at their scheduled court hearings. If, for some reason, the defendant misses their court date, their bail, as well as any collateral used to secure it will be forfeited.

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Being tangled in this situation will not only risk the Green Card Visa but the time and money too. But if an instance like this happens, definitely this is the only way to bail out of jail.


There is the possibility of multiple hearings or proceedings when involved with immigration matters. The defendant will need to remain detained in jail to wait through the entire process if other arrangements are not made. Instead of remaining in jail to wait for every hearing or proceedings related to the case, those accused of immigration-related offenses may be released from jail in Las Vegas to wait for their trial or hearings by one of the following methods:

  • Paying the amount of the bail set by the judge in full
  • Paying 15% and perhaps collateral to obtain immigration bail bonds
  • Hiring an immigration attorney

The bail set by the judge may be high, though this amount can be returned after all hearings and any related expenses have been paid. An attorney may help get the bail amount reduced, but will result in extra cost and more time spent behind bars waiting. Many people prefer to obtain immigration bail bonds rather than paying a large sum for bail or waiting additional time in jail.

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A typical immigration delivery bond in Nevada is $1500.00. However, in some circumstances, bonds can be set over $10,000. The immigration magistrate assesses the detainer’s criminal history, employment status and family ties in United States. These criteria are then used to decide the amount of the bond.

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  • The arrestee’s full name and date of birth
  • The jail name and city or state
  • The date arrested
  • The amount of bail


  • Delivery bonds
  • Voluntary departure

Delivery Bond

A delivery bond allows a detainee to be released from immigration custody pending a final hearing on his immigration petition. The purpose of a delivery bond is to ensure that the detainee appears at all future immigration hearings. This bond also allows a detainee to be free from custody as he/she petitions the court for a favorable immigration status and gives a time to consult an immigration lawyer regarding his/her unique situation.

Delivery bonds are the most common type of immigration bonds.

Voluntary Departure Bond

A voluntary departure bond allows the detainee to be released from custody and requires that they voluntarily leave the country at their own expense.

Both delivery bonds and voluntary departure bonds are refunded to the person who posted the bond upon the detainee complying with the release requirements.

The bond agent fee which is in Nevada 15% is not refundable.

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In most cases, writing and securing an immigration bail bond takes the same amount of time as a conventional bail bond. One of the main differences would be the amount of time it takes to gather the increased amount of money needed to secure the bail bond. The booking and intake process, the writing of the bail bond contract and the release process will generally take the same amount of time as a regular bail bond. Once you contact our office, we will get the process underway. It takes approximately 30 minutes to write the bail bond contract. As soon as the bond is secured, one of our agents will be on the way to the jail to post bond and get your loved one released from jail. The release process can take anywhere from 2 to 12 hours, depending on how busy the jail is, what time of day it is and whether or not it is a holiday.


It’s always best to know how standard procedure works in the United States and observe how these cases work and avoid violating them to prevent unwanted circumstances like this from happening to you or to your family and friends.

I hope You have learned something from this article regarding the Immigration Bail Bond.

What You Should Know About Immigration Bail Bonds
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