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While we can’t offer free bail in Las Vegas, we can get you out FAST when looking for “bail bonds near me“. Our company is standing by when you need us most, if you’ve been looking for bail bonds in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas or Henderson.

Our express bail bonds get you out of jail faster, and put you on track for the next step in the justice system. The court and legal system in Clark County have recognized 911 as a leading bail company and our bondsmen have a proven track record of getting you out of jail as quickly as possible.

DUI ? No problem. Your release option with us is quick and easy. Domestic violence? No problem. Our team is a phone call away.

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Domestic Violence Arrests

Domestic Violence Bail Bonds are needed in the event that you or a loved one is arrested for domestic violence. The judge sets the amount of bail that is required to be released from police custody. In this situation, the suspect agrees to appear in court when he or she is requested to by a judge. Should you or a loved one fail to appear in court during the scheduled hearing, your Domestic Violence bond will be forfeited!

DUI Arrests

A DUI Bail Bond is when someone who was arrested for DUI pays a set amount to be released from police custody. Under the conditions of being released the suspect agrees to appear in court ever time he or she is summoned to appear in court which includes arraignment, a preliminary hearing, pre-trial motions, and the trial. In the event that the person fails to appear in court when scheduled, the bond will be forfeited. If you have been arrested for a DUI, 911 Bail Bonds in Las Vegas can help with DUI Bail Bonds!

Warranty Bonds

For people in Las Vegas who have an active warrant for their arrest, we can help you to stay out of jail with warrant bonds. You will only have to go through what is known as a walkthrough.

911 Bail Bonds can help you with a warrant walkthrough. A walk through is when an attorney meets you and a bondsman to fulfill the bond. You will need to secure warrant bail from a company in order for them to post your bond. After securing a bond you will head to a police station where you will surrender yourself to the authorities.

First 911 Bail Bonds will help you to secure a bond through us. Then you will go through a walkthrough of the booking process that people typically go through when they are arrested with one huge difference. You won’t spend the night in jail. After the appropriate law enforcement officers have finished the booking, you will be released on bond. Shortly thereafter you will receive your court date.

Whatever your case, 911 is the company you can trust in Vegas. We are family owned and operated and have a friendly staff that will be there for you along the way. Let us help get your family or loved one out quickly and efficiently without any more delays that necessary. Call us today for more information or immediate help.


If you or your loved ones are in jail, the stress and panic that it creates is understandable. To start with, calm down and contact your local bail bondsman office in Las Vegas and get clear answers to all your important questions.

The next step is to complete the application or the bail forms. You can download the bail forms from the agency website and fill out the necessary information. Payments for the bail fees can be made via cash or cards. Once the transaction has been completed, the agency will immediately post the bail bond on your behalf.

Please note that as per Nevada state law, all bail bond organizations are allowed to charge a maximum of 15% of the total bail fee.
When a person is arrested, they usually need to provide a bail amount that is dependent on the seriousness of the crime as well as the history of the arrested person. The bail amount is determined by the Judge in Nevada court who has the power to determine the amount, or in some circumstances, even deny a bail.

Bails are usually in the following forms:
  • Signature bonds
  • Cash bonds
  • OR Release (own recognizance)
  • Surety bonds
In the event that you can not pay bail, the arrestee is required to stay in jail until their case is resolved or till the time they find an income source to make a bail bond.

Arrested people are sent to a remand detention center until the time they pay the bail bond or till the time of trial.

However, leading bail bondsman companies in Las Vegas give you the flexibility of different payment plans and collaterals. Look for a leading bail bond organization that understands your unique situation and caters to your immediate needs.
Yes, it is possible to bail a person with no cash at hand. You may offer to provide collateral in the form of property or car title to the bail bondsman agency and get bail. Once the case is resolved and the complete amount is paid, you will get the collateral back.

Most leading agencies provide flexible payment plans after the case is resolved.
Starting from the time that the bail is posted on your behalf, it can take a few hours to a day to get released from jail in Las Vegas. It also depends on the type of crime that the person is arrested for, and the time of arrest. A person arrested overnight will have to stay in jail till the morning when the bail payment timings start.
Bail exoneration refers to the completion/termination of the bail after a case is resolved. When a crime hearing happens and the case is closed, the bail obligation is formally terminated. Once exonerated, the bond no longer exists.

Exoneration of the bond happens when the court clears the arrestee of the charges or the defendant is sentenced. It is an indication of the criminal convictions being settled. After the court orders an exoneration, the same is reflected in the initial bail bond for records.

Ensure that your defense attorney gets the bond exonerated at a fast pace. In the event of a delay, you may be arrested for the non-payment of the bond.
A bail bondsman is an agency that sells bail bonds. These are basically agreements that guarantee the court that the arrested person will appear in the court at the time of hearing of the case.

The arrestee is required to pay a fee to the bail bondsman in the form of cash or collateral. The fee is nonrefundable and is kept by the bondsman, regardless of the outcome.

Most bail bondsman agents or companies need to have a license to operate in Nevada.
A collateral is basically anything of value that can be offered as security to ensure payment of a bail bond if you don’t have money at hand. Often, these are in the form of real estate or car titles.

A bail bond company is liable to return your collateral after the case is resolved. However, if a person does not appear in the court at the time of the hearing, the entire collateral can be seized by the court.

Most bail bond companies require you to secure the complete bond amount with some form of collateral. Collaterals are returned after the defendant pays up his financial obligations to the court and the case is resolved.
Jails in Nevada will only accept cash to grant bail. However, when you decide to use the services of a bail bondsman company, you can provide property collaterals. The companies usually appraise the property value using guides like KBB and NADA.
During a bail hearing in Nevada, the court listens to the case details and decides if the arrestee can be released till their court date hearing happens. In most cases, if the crime is not serious and you’re supported by a good attorney, it is possible to persuade the court to go easy on the bail amount.

A bail hearing is similar to the main trial, with the presence of a defense attorney and a prosecution. The process of arguments, evidence, and witness is also similar.

During the bail hearing, your attorney will try to present your case and request the court for release without bail or reducing the amount of the bail to an affordable level.

As a result of the bail hearing, the following decisions may be taken by the court:
  • Release without bail
  • Reduce the bail amount
  • Keep the defendant in custody
Bail money can be refunded to the defendant when the court conditions are satisfied.

The refunding is determined by the type of payment that is made in lieu of the bail amount. After the court case is completed, the refunding time could be anywhere between two to six weeks for the refund check to arrive.
The amount of the bail is decided by the presiding judge and is dependant on the type of the crime, and the nature of the arrestee (repeat criminal, age, etc). However, a bail bond agent or a bail bondsman company can only charge 15% of the total amount of the bail as per the Nevada State Law.

That said, some additional charges can be charged by the bail bondsman. These include charges for services like travel costs, notary charges, etc.

In certain instances, the arrestee can be asked to place collateral (property) in the form of a guarantee for the bond cost.
No. This is simply because bails are not counted as a tax, even though they are paid to the government. You or your bail bond agent or agency will have to make a complete down payment for the amount to the court. Bail is simply a cash deposit that the arrestee gives to guarantee that they will show up in the court for hearing of the crime.

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