What’s Your Attorney Marketing Strategy?

You may already have some strategies regarding the services you render to your clients if you already have an active legal practice. In order to win a case, you probably have strategies in place on how to argue your case at trial, including the tactical maneuvers you will need to employ. It is no different when you are simply working out a deal on behalf of your client; you would find ways and means so the tide will turn in your client’s favor and the results will be to their liking.

Whatever service you are rendering, all the things you do to serve your client’s interests is guided by an overall strategy to get you where you want you and your client to be.

Why, then, should your marketing as an attorney be any different?

It’s a rhetorical question, and the answer is obviously that it shouldn’t. If you’re serious about marketing, then you need a strategy that you can stick to. Strategies are prone to changes, that’s true; however, they would still be the basis all your actions will take their cue from to get to the end goal. Let us look closer:

Have focus – Your law firm marketing strategy needs to have focus. You firstly need to know who your target is, and it’s not just anyone that might need legal services. Your target should be a particular group or subset of people facing a common exact legal concern or issue. Every bit of your marketing should then be focused on those people. The more particularly defined your prospective clients are, the higher are your chances of getting them as actual clients.

Diligence – Don’t misunderstand and think that I’m advocating never abandoning or changing a losing marketing strategy. You have to take time every now and again to look at your marketing strategy objectively and think of ways to tweak it accordingly. However, you should also be diligent about following through on your strategy. Marketing strategies fail not because they were poor ideas but because they weren’t implemented or put into action properly as well as monitored.

Keep learning – Most attorneys, partially because of their education, believe that they can read and think and learn all that they need to know about marketing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. There is a need to continuously tweak your strategy to fit the current circumstances, unless you are working with an experienced marketer, especially with respect to your target client group. In this process, you will realize that for every single thing that works, you would encounter 5 to 10 that don’t. It could be quite a lengthy process, but what you need the most is determination and effort.

You have to toughen up to fully get those marketing wheels turning because acquiring clients for your legal practice is never easy. But the bar isn’t set so high that a lot of persistence and education on your part would not be able to turn around and work to your advantage.

A starting point and a well-laid plan that you can stick to are what you need. If there is no plan, you can develop one yourself or ask for someone’s help in formulating one. You can either acquire the services of a marketing firm or ask for the help of other attorneys who have already been doing it. Whatever route you choose to take, you must have a plan and you should stick to that plan until you have learned enough to figure out if something is working or not.

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