What is a TASER?
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A Taser is one of a few non lethal weapons used as an alternative to lethal weapons; they can be used to end altercations without causing injury or death. A TASER is a weapon that uses electroshock to subdue the person being shocked without you having to be in direct contact with them. The weapon uses an electric current that causes the person to temporarily lose control over their muscles. This paralyzes the muscles briefly, an effect called neuromuscular incapacitation. These non-lethal weapons are often used by the police during altercations to prevent injury.

To deliver the electroshock effect to the intended target, the TASER works differently than a stun gun. Instead of having to be close enough to an assailant to keep the device in contact with the skin, a Taser shoots the electrodes out and away from the device. There are two electrodes that are shot out of the device, propelled by a charge of compressed nitrogen. This is similar in function to the way a paintball gun propels the paint pellets. After the electrodes have been shot, the air cartridge has to be replaced. The new cartridge contains a new pair of electrodes for the next time the Taser is fired.

The electrodes attach to the clothing of the target and deliver the electroshock. They remain attached to the main device with small wires that deliver the current. These electrodes are made to attach to clothing more efficiently. This keeps them in place long enough for the current to be delivered.

Once the current is delivered, the effects of the TASER are temporary. The intended use is to end a conflict rather than to cause any injury or ongoing incapacitation in the assailant.

Many police departments arm their officers with TASERS because they can subdue an assailant quickly when the use of deadly force is not warranted. Police Taser models are equipped additional equipment, like laser sights, that police can use during uprisings. Non lethal weapons are also carried for self defense. While not legal in all regions, these non lethal weapons are an alternative to stun guns and pepper spray. Remember to check your local regulations before purchasing.

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