What happens at a California bail hearing?
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http://www.shouselaw.com/bail-hearing… 888-327-4652 What happens at a bail hearing? A California criminal defense lawyer explains the court process.

Being arrested for a crime and thrust into the California criminal justice system can be frightening and overwhelming. But rest assured, we’re here to help. As former cops and prosecutors (now dedicated to defending and protecting your rights), we not only understand how bail hearings work, but also how to use it to your advantage.

Asking the court to reduce or eliminate your bail is just one example. This is a useful tool that is often overlooked by less experienced criminal defense attorneys.

"Bail" is money that the court requires you to pay in order to assure your court appearances. You post bail by either paying the full amount in cash or, more commonly, through a bail bond.

You can secure a bail bond through a bail bondsman (or bail agent). Bail bondsmen agree to post your bail in exchange for a maximum 10% of the full bail amount. This 10% is a nonrefundable fee.

If you have additional questions about California’s bail laws, bail hearings, or O.R. release procedures, or you would like to discuss your case confidentially with one of our attorneys, do not hesitate to contact us at Shouse Law Group.
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