Vegas Teen Accused of Murders
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Vegas Teen Accused of Murders 1
Navarro-Canales in court

A Las Vegas area teen has been arrested after being accused of killing his mother Elvira Canales-Gomez and younger brother Cesar Navarro. Adrian Navarro-Canales is being charged as an adult in the murders. The bodies of the two victims were found by police in their apartment, having sustained multiple stab wounds.

“Henderson Police discovered their bodies Sept. 20 in the bathroom of their apartment at the Summit at Sunridge in the 11000 block of South Eastern Avenue three days after authorities allege Navarro-Canales stabbed them. Navarro-Canales was not home when police entered. The discovery set off a six-day search for Navarro-Canales that ended Wednesday when police found him at an open-air food court on the Las Vegas Strip, near Tropicana Avenue.” source

Police believe that the murders took place on Sept. 17 after  Navarro-Caneles’ mother picked up her youngest son from school. This was also believed to be a day after the family celebrated Navarro-Caneles’ 16th birthday.

Officers went to the apartment three times last week at the request of Canales-Gomez’s niece and the mother’s boyfriend Carlos Rubio-Villanueva — once Sept. 18 and twice Thursday — before entering and finding the bodies Friday.

The niece, Ana Martinez, told investigators her cousin didn’t have any friends that she knew of in the Las Vegas area, didn’t like living in the United States and wanted to go back to Mexico. She described Navarro-Canales as anti-social and said he spent most of his time in the apartment playing video games.” source

Vegas Teen Accused of Murders 2
The accused and his family


Although the boy was enrolled in high school at Coronado High in Henderson, he hadn’t attended any classes since school started, according to a Clark County District spokeswoman.

An arraignment set for Monday in Henderson Justice Court has been delayed after a request by Navarro-Caneles’ attorney. The hearing is now scheduled to take place on Oct 30th at 9:30 a.m.

“Navarro-Canales appeared in court in shackles and standard blue jail attire. A marshal and a group of adult inmates flanked him as he stood for his hearing, which lasted less than two minutes. He showed no emotion as he nodded to the judge, indicating he understood the proceedings. Navarro-Canales was charged as an adult on two counts of murder with a deadly weapon.” source

“Initially authorities believed Navarro-Canales was a victim of the brutal slaying, but later named the troubled teen as the suspected murderer of his 40 year old mother Elvira Canales-Gomez and younger brother, Cesar.” source

This news occurred around the same time another pair of teens were named suspects in the murder of an elderly women in the Vegas area. “Two women killed in separate homicides Saturday were identified on Monday Sept 30th as Dixie Chaney Jones, 71, and Karen Vernel Henever, 56, both of Las Vegas, according to the Clark County Coroner’s Office.” source

One woman drowned in a home on Sleepy Spruce St. Saturday. The suspect in this case was identified as Neal Huff, who allegedly drowned Henever after a fight ensued in the backyard. The other victim is believed to have been murdered by two teens. One is a 16 year old boy who hasn’t been named and the other is a 19 year old identified as William Copeland.

“A 16-year-old boy and William Copeland, 19, are suspected of shooting Jones after she resisted their attempt to rob her. Copeland was arrested on counts of murder with a deadly weapon, victim over 60 years of age; attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, victim over 60 years of age; and conspiracy to commit robbery.” source

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