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Anytime that there is a new technology there are new leaps in the field on law enforcement. Red light camera tickets are one of those and are being used to help law enforcement everywhere. One thing that is a problem with them is that they are simple to fight.

The one reason they are easy to fight is due to the lack of witnesses that are there at the time. In normally cases a ticket is given to you by a officer so therefore the officer is the witness to that ticket. The only thing they have is two pictures, One of the car and one of the person driving.

One of the big things that makes these easy to fight is because of the inability to really tell if the driver is you. Sometimes this is not the case and the court defiantly can tell that it is you. This does not mean though that you still have to pay the ticket, just because you are in the picture does not mean it will hold up.

One of the first things you are going to want to do when you get one of these is to check to make sure its legitimate. There have been cases in the past were police stations have sent out fake tickets to trick people. Other times there are some people that are not with the police that send fake ones out to get personal information out of you.

When you receive a ticket like this is a good idea to check with the court to make sure its real. The court number and address should be on the ticket so you can call and verify it. No matter what a real ticket will have you get a hold of the court house and this will defiantly prove that the ticket is a legitimate one so there will be no question.

If you have gotten a real ticket, there are a few things you may do before you go into court. One big thing that you can do is to become more educated on this type of tickets. One example is that if there is no sign saying there is a red light camera ticket, the ticket for that camera cannot be held up in a court room.

Another big thing you might want to do is to go into the court yourself to fight the ticket. Be prepared to go in front of the judge with any evidence that you might have to prove your case. When the photo is out and you can’t tell its you, you might want to tell the judge that you can’t be held to the ticket because they can’t prove its you.

This new technology is helping get rid of the difficulty of law enforcement. In cases like with red light camera tickets, There are a few loop holes when it come to the enforcement. One thing that you do not want to do in the court is lie, It can make things a lot worse because you can be charged with some other things as well.

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