Anyone who watches police dramas or even the nightly news has heard something about posting bail, but few of who have not been in trouble truly know the process and how it works.  But anyone can find themselves in a bad situation, and knowing where to find a reliable bail bondsman before you actually need Read More »

A bondsman in Las Vegas is an individual or a licensed company who sell surety bonds.  In the movies, a bondsman is typically portrayed as a bounty hunter who runs after the accused running away from the hands of the law. In reality, being a bondsman in Las Vegas is not an exciting job. Essentially, Read More »

When someone gets arrested in Las Vegas, they need a Vegas bail bonds professional. Whether they are guilty of the crime or not, they are entitled to their day in court to defend themselves. In some cases, the arrested individual can be bailed out of jail, by a Vegas bail bonds agent, before they have Read More »