States have their own system of bail bonds. The bail bonds give a person charged with a crime the chance to get out of jail until they are required to show up for their court date. There are different options available depending on the state a person is arrested in, but the principle behind the Read More »

The Prescribed Medication Abuse Charges and Penalties

Avoid running into worst case scenarios when you are out in Las Vegas with a prescribed medication in possession. If you are under a medication and you’re visiting Las Vegas or just out to buy some medication, you should be aware of the law regarding the prescription drug before it becomes a problem. The charges Read More »

Got arrested at your buddy’s bachelor party in Las Vegas and need to get to back to work tomorrow? Paying bail can assist you get there without you having to make a run for it. Of course, you can’t constantly manage your bail, depending on where you’re found and exactly what you were arrested for. Read More »