Arrests for October and November 2015 that you will not forget. 911 Bail bonds of Las Vegas even helps people like these

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  If you drive on the road today you’ll probably notice that trucks are getting bigger. These once modest automobiles designed to haul and load more weight than an average car are being turned into gas guzzling, earth shattering and larger than life machines that beg for attention. Monster trucks and their shows, have been Read More »

When tragedy strikes in the NFL it usually surrounds a particular player who has been injured on the field. Recently an unbelievable tragedy struck the life of one of the NFL’s premier athletes and role models. NFL superstar Adrian Peterson’s 2-year-old son has died at a South Dakota hospital after he was allegedly beaten by Read More »


We all look to the police to serve and protect us in times of need, so it is disheartening when you hear stories in which the police themselves engage in criminal activity. Perhaps sometimes we forget that they too are human like everyone else and are just as fallible, though they shouldn’t be. Officer Joshua Read More »