Arrest trending in the month of December 2015. 911 Bail Bonds in Las Vegas can also help people with these cases.

When loved ones get arrested, it is never a fun situation; the whole legal process can be both emotionally draining and embarrassing. However, when it comes to getting your loved one out of jail via meeting bail demands, bail bonds (often known as “surety bonds”) have been proven to be a much more streamlined process Read More »

Las Vegas provides that sense of care-free fun that we all can use once in a while, but whether we are just tired or falling all over ourselves at the end of the night, we all want to know that we are safe in our hotel rooms. You would think so with all those cameras Read More »


We all look to the police to serve and protect us in times of need, so it is disheartening when you hear stories in which the police themselves engage in criminal activity. Perhaps sometimes we forget that they too are human like everyone else and are just as fallible, though they shouldn’t be. Officer Joshua Read More »