Self Defense Made Finer with the Progress of Weapons of Self Defense

The need for self defense is older than any recorded history. There have always been looming dangers that threaten human life. As long as there have been those threats, there has been the need for protection. That need is still just as important today, though many people tend to take it for granted.

Long ago, weapons were primitive. Weapons like clubs, spears, and arrows were used against animals and warring tribes. As time moved along, the sword became one of the many weapons that people preferred. As more time passed, the gun superseded the sword. The more advanced the weaponry and the viler the villains became, the greater the need for self defense.

For the longest time, when people defended themselves, others would end up dead. But thankfully we live in a time when killing isnt a necessary part of defending oneself. In our day, we have weapons like stun guns and pepper spray for self defense. This has reduced the likelihood of death while still enabling the victim to flee to safety.

Stun guns are great for self defense. A threat of a mugging will stay just that, only a threat, if the victim uses a stun gun to render the assailant helpless. The high voltage of electricity will completely shock the central nervous system, causing the attacker to lose their balance. At the same time, their muscles will contract at a high rate and use up all of the bodys blood sugar, causing them to lose voluntary movement.

Pepper spray is also great for defending oneself. When the attacker attacks, the victim can deploy the pepper spray in the assailants face. This will cause them to go temporarily blind and to suffer an intense amount of pain wherever the pepper spray touches their skin. These effects can last up to 30 or 45 minutes, depending on the strength of the spray.

If stun guns or pepper spray are your choice for self defense, check with the local lawmakers to see if they are legal in your region. In some places they are illegal, though in most places they are not. Dont leave yourself unprepared a single day longer. Protect yourself today or you may regret it in days to come.

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