Personal Inury Attorney Guideliness – What to do if a Dog Hurts You
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Nobody can ever fully avoid situations like being bitten and harmed by dogs. These circumstances are not uncommon and may happen to you or anyone you know. If you happen to be a victim of a stray dog and you get bitten and hurt as a result, or if you happen to see somebody experiencing the same scenario, it is always wise to take immediate actions to resolve the situation. This will enable you to safeguard your family better. The attorney will tell you what to do.

You should know that every state has its own set of rules that will guide every concerned citizen on what to do in case a dog bite scenario occurs. You should also know that dogs normally don’t attack people. Some laws even involve the killing of dogs to prevent future circumstances from occurring. Attacking may also mean that the dog was trying to defend itself.

The dog’s owner has a legal responsibility in these situations. His negligence has caused injury to other people and he should therefore do something about it.

Local animal control sections have their own file of documents. Try checking on local animal sections to see whether the dog that has hurt you has had previous records of assault.

What are your initial actions?

o Take note of important information such as the names and contact numbers of the people who were able to witness the incident. Most importantly, include the name, contact number and the location of the dog’s owner.

In court, the individual stories of the witnesses regarding the event matter a lot. Their testimonies and understanding of the story are very important. This may even be more valuable especially if you and the dog’s owner get into an argument, or if you are unsure about who really owns the dog. Animal control specialists are available to help you identify the dog based on your descriptions. In that way, they will be able to reach the owner as well.

o Do not hesitate to seek for medical help. You need health care providers to tend your wounds and prevent further complications from happening. Getting aid will prevent your injuries from getting worse. Make sure you preserve these pertinent data. They are very crucial for the success of your case and the validity of your claim. Give the data to your lawyer at the soonest time possible so he can analyze and use them for your case.

It would be best to inform the authorities about the incident so they can deal with the dangerous dog by having it quarantined or sedated (if necessary). This will make sure that the dog will not harm anyone else again. And get the aid of a local attorney for the best results.

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