Personal injury: ER Malpractice

Medical malpractice issues generally happen whenever a patient who needs health care ultimately becomes the victim of hospital misconduct. It may involve the erroneous actions of health care providers such as nurses, attendants, or even doctors that are negligent enough to cause the patient to suffer from a different injury apart from the patient’s original or main complaint.

It is very much expected that in the emergency room setting, appropriate physical assessment by health professionals should be done on the patient to ensure correct diagnosis and proper treatment that would resolve the patient’s health problem.

There’s a logic behind why emergency room errors happen and they are partly the result of the health care provider’s inability or failure to make the appropriate diagnosis which is essentially taken as a wrong treatment, failure to follow certain requirements that an average person can take as mismanagement, inability to make the right diagnosis at a certain period of time when such diagnosis is mostly needed by the patient, failure to make informed consent regarding the use of invasive methods that are dangerous and may have negative effects on the patient, inability to manage patients with stroke, and misinterpretation of laboratory and diagnostic results.

The health professional who is at fault would be held liable for the damages the victim has acquired. The victim could get compensation that may cover medical support to compensate for his health, medicine and other treatments for his health problem, and emotional damages. Financial payment will likely be made to restore a person to his original condition.

Since Emergency Room situations involve conditions that require immediate interventions in order to avoid demise, failure to achieve such interventions could lead to comatose and neurological conditions that could be irreversible. Take for example a patient who had cardiac arrest has not been given chest compressions within the needed span of time and the situation gave way to irreversible brain and other vital organ damage due to lack of oxygen. It’s cases like these that make negligence dangerous and intolerable in the health care setting and the emergency room.

If ever you become a victim of medical malpractice, never hesitate to seek the services of a dedicated personal injury lawyer while the situation is still clear on your mind. Get hold of your lawyer as fast as possible for your situation to be carefully examined and checked. If it appears that your claim is viable, your personal injury lawyer will assist you in establishing your medical records and other pertinent documents to support your case.

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