If a loved one or a friend is in jail for DUI and you wish to help get them out of jail, you have the right to do so.

Always be aware of your obligations before you agree as a cosigner.

Here’s a short video from HowBailBondsWork that you need to know before deciding to bail a friend or a loved one.

The judge will then decide the bail amount the release. In case the detainee doesn’t want to spend much time in any of the three detention centers in Las Vegas but doesn’t have the amount of the bail, the detainee may ask for someone or a cosigner to bail him out.

Obligations Bail Bond Cosigner

As part of Obligations Bail Bond Cosigner is not just by making sure the detainee appears in court after the bail but also by taking care of the bail amount, where it requires the cosigner to pay 15% of the total bail amount to the bondman. If you don’t have the money for bail, it only requires you to present documented collateral and a power of attorney to the bondsman who is responsible for your friend or loved one’s bail.

But before you bail a friend or a loved one, there are few things you need remember:


You can pay the entire amount, but there are also alternative methods to pay the bail. You can either hire a lawyer to cut down the bail amount or hire a bail bondsman by paying a 15% of the total bail amount as a service fee. If ever there’s not enough money to cover the bond amount, you can also use valuable items or properties as collateral.


There are several types of collaterals you can use:

  • Bank Accounts or Credit Cards
  • Real Estate Properties
  • Vehicle Titles
  • Jewelry
  • Firearms

And other valuable items that are acceptable in the bail bondsman.


If the defendant decided to flee after being bailed out, it’s the bail bondsman’s job to find and return the person to the detention center. On the other hand, it is the cosigner’s responsibility to pay the full amount or collateral required by the court. If you have used a property for collateral, you will lose your property or items without getting anything in return.

But if the defendant shows up for the legal proceedings, you only need to pay the 15% of the total bail and get the collateral returned to you.


Before signing up a bail bond agreement, consult a lawyer or bail bondsman. Know the risks if you are going to pay for a friend or loved one’s bail and use any of your property as collateral.

There’s still a way to cancel a bail bond cosigning agreement!

If you worry that your friend or loved one will not show up in court and decided to cancel the agreement, you only need to give the defendant’s whereabouts. The bail bondsman will have their bounty hunters take the defendant back to the detention center and then release you from your obligation as a bail bond cosigner.

You may call 911 Bail Bonds Las Vegas to understand how the bail bond cosigning works.


What are Your Obligations as a Bail Bond Cosigner?
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