What Do You Need to Know about Bail Bonds?

What Do You Need to Know about Bail Bonds?

No one really wants to learn all about bail bonds the hard way, but it can pay off to know a bit about them just in case you or a loved one gets into trouble with the law.  It can happen to anyone.   You can be minding your own business when a fight breaks out but get caught up in it and wind up behind bars.  You can get a call from a relative or friend who has been arrested and needs to be bailed out.  You could even be falsely accused of a crime and need bail to get out of jail.  Knowing a few basics about bail bonds could make any of these situations less upsetting.

In a nutshell, bail bonds are insurance that the accused will show up in court when required.  Money or collateral is posted and if the accused appears in court as required, it is returned.  But if the accused fails to attend, the money is forfeited.  Bail bonds can be arranged by a bail bonds agent such as 911 Bail Bonds in Las Vegas.

Five Useful Things You May Not Know about Bail Bonds

  1. If a warrant has been issued for your arrest, you can avoid the nightmare of being picked up by police while going about your business by obtaining a warrant bail bond.  Warrant bail bonds allow you to present yourself at the police station, go through what is known as a walkthrough and then be released on bail.  It is a much better option than looking over your shoulder all the time wondering who might see you being arrested.
  2. When done by someone who knows the ropes, the bail bonds process is fast.  Professionals such as 911 Bail Bonds can usually complete the paperwork in less than half an hour and secure the accused’s release in a few hours.
  3. Bail bonds can be used in immigration matters when someone who is not a citizen or legal resident of the United States has been detailed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
  4. Cash is not always required for bail bonds.  Collateral such as property can also be used to post bail.
  5. Professional help with bail bonds is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  Even if you get a call from a distressed loved one in jail at 3:00 am, you can call 911 Bail Bonds Las Vegas at (702) 489-3000 for immediate help.

Being arrested and jailed can be a terrifying experience, and the sooner a loved one can be released the better.  That’s why 911 Bail Bonds offer compassionate, expert help around the clock.

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