Las Vegas Police Officer Arrested for Gas Card Fraud
Las Vegas Police Officer Arrested for Gas Card Fraud
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We all look to the police to serve and protect us in times of need, so it is disheartening when you hear stories in which the police themselves engage in criminal activity. Perhaps sometimes we forget that they too are human like everyone else and are just as fallible, though they shouldn’t be. Officer Joshua Logan of the Las Vegas police has been accused of using a police gas card fraudulently for his own means, along with his friend Leticia Rosas. Officer Joshua Logan, 29, and Leticia Rosas, 31, were booked in the Clark County Detention Center and each face one count of fraudulent use of a credit card and one count of theft, Las Vegas police said. Logan is suspected of fraudulently using his police-issued fuel credit card to fill up his personal vehicle and Rosas’s vehicle with gasoline, according to his arrest report.” source

For those who are unaware of what police gas cards are, they are like credit cards that are assigned to police officers strictly for filling their patrol vehicle’s gas tank during their shift. These cards are never to be used for a personal vehicle or off the clock for any reason. According to, these gas cards are “swiped at the pump, and the officer has to enter a driver ID number, which corresponds to the vehicle ID number, and the current mileage.”

Since these cards are virtually tagged to every police officer, all transactions are tracked and accounted for, which is how Logan and Rosas were caught. “In police documents, a Metro logistics analyst observed earlier this month a fleet gas card issued to Logan was used 54 times in the recent quarter, which was a jump from 11 times the quarter before that. The card was also used in locations throughout Henderson and Las Vegas during different times of the day.” source Just like a bank noticing odd non-habitual purchases on a customer’s credit or debit card, the authorities were able to track Logan’s misuse.

Logan and Rosas were accused of using the gas card to fill up the tank of Logan’s black Ford Mustang on various occasions, in which they were captured on video surveillance doing. According to, “police tracked down a recent purchase to a gas station near Logan’s residence in Henderson. Investigators viewed through security video Logan making a purchase to fill up a black Ford Mustang, police said. Metro later found the Mustang was registered to Logan’s mother, according to documents. On Tuesday, police performed surveillance on Logan, who was seen picked up in the Mustang by a woman later identified as Rosas, according to documents. Police said officers saw Logan drive the car with Rosas inside, pull up to a gas station and fill up the vehicle with the Metro-issued credit card.”

Video doesn’t lie in cases such as these, as Rosas was seen on video surveillence also using the card to alledgedly fill the tank of an SUV in addition to the Mustang that she claimed Logan let her borrow from time to time. Analysts noticed the discrepancy when the purchase exceeded the limit of the Mustang’s own gas tank capacity and speculate that Rosas used the card to fuel the SUV as well.

Though a third arrest has not been made, police investigators also reported another woman using the gas card to fill up her vehicle with gas. “Police also observed the credit card being used by a woman identified as Logan’s ex-wife. A warrant has been issued for her arrest.  In documents, Logan’s credit card, through security video, was seen making a gas purchase on Oct. 16. Rosas or Logan were not seen in the surveillance footage.” source

As of now, Rosas remains in custody at the Clark County Detention Center and Logan has been put on adminstrative leave without pay pending the investigation of both and until the issue can be resolved. Logan has served in the LVPD since August 2008 and has been regarded as good person by his neighbors. Some were surprised by the allegation, but were not overly concerned by the charge due to it’s non-violent nature.

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