Las Vegas Mormon Missionary Robbers Arrested
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Another man has been arrested for beating and robbing a resident of Las Vegas while posing as a Mormon missionary. According to the Las Vegas Police Dept., 25-year-old Robert Estall turned himself in on Wednesday.

Two men visited a house on the corner of Flamingo and Buffalo on June 27th, dressed in attire typically worn by Mormon missionaries. They told the homeowner, “they wanted to talk religion,” according to court documents. source As the homeowner who answered the door had turned to close it, the two men jumped him. The homeowner’s wife frantically ran upstairs to alert authorities. While hiding in her bedroom closet, the two men barged in, searching for something. One intruder is believed to have yelled, “Where’s the safe? Where’s the money?

Police said, the two men stole 3,000 dollars and close to an ounce of medical marijuana from the man’s garage safe.  The two men are also accused of assaulting the homeowner, having reportedly, pistol-whipped him in the face and back of the head.

The intruders were caught on surveillance cameras entering the victim’s home. After the video was turned over to the media by police, people called in telling investigators that the men had previously been discharged from the military.

The two men are being charged with, conspiracy to commit robbery, battery, robbery with a deadly weapon, battery with a deadly weapon, burglary with a gun, and two counts of kidnapping.  They are scheduled to be arraigned Sept 24th in Clark County district court. 

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