If a loved one has been arrested, it is imperative to know or be able to contact a responsible bail bondsman. After an arrest, or for someone facing an arrest, having a bail bondsman on their side from the beginning of the procedure will help matters move much quicker. Arrests rarely occur during regular business hours, so money is often not available to a party arrested and securing bail can almost be impossible. There are many benefits to bail bonds, and these are some of the most often asked questions about securing them in Las Vegas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bail Bonds In Las Vegas

Bail bonds are to assist in the release of an individual who has been arrested. Most crimes have a pre-set amount of bail so an individual can leave jail once they have been booked. Being able to leave jail will allow that person to continue working until their court date is set, they have secured legal counsel, and gives them time to prepare documentation for court. These are answers to other common questions regarding bail bonds.

What Is Bail?

To understand the importance of bail bonds, it is necessary to know exactly what bail means for an arrested individual. Under the Constitution, citizens are allowed by the 8th Amendment to pay a specified amount of bail according to the crime they have been arrested for. By paying the specified amount, the individual can return to their family and employment while they wait for a court date.

The judge determines bail at an arraignment or on what is known as a bail schedule. Bail schedules consist of a list of charges and their corresponding bail amounts that are required for one to be released on bail. The amounts have been set by local judges and attorneys as a fair means of allowing arrested individuals to be released from jail to await their court date.

What Is A Bail Bond?

Some arrests are made when it is not possible to attain funds to cover a person’s bail. There are other times bail is set to high for an individual to be able to pay the full amount necessary for a release. These are times when there is a need to attain the services of a bail bondsman to take responsibility for the bail amount.

A bail bond is a legal contract that is binding between a co-signer, defendant, and the bail bondsman. The bail bondsman will take responsibility for the full amount of the bail and the co-signer will promise that the defendant appears at the designated court date. This co-signer would be responsible for the total bail amount if they fail to have the defendant in court on their specified day.

How Much is a Bail Bond?

Nevada requires that a 15% premium be paid to secure a bail bond. These are fees decided by the state and are both non-negotiable and non-refundable. Any time an individual is offered the services of a bail bondsman who claims they can waive this fee or will charge them anything less than the 15% is not acting legally and should not be hired.

Bail bonds have specific fees and services and any service being used should be checked into carefully to ensure the contract being offered is legitimate. A bail bond service which is charging more than the 15% for a premium should not be hired. If the premium is fair, but an individual does not have the amount needed, some services will work with those who qualify. These services can offer payment plans depending on one’s situation.

How Long is the Bail Bonds Process

The first step in attaining a bail bond is to fill out an application which takes about 30 minutes. Once the information on the application is verified, the bail bond agent will obtain the release of the arrested party. This step entails going to jail or court to post the bail so the release process can begin.

The release process depends on the size of the facility and how many staff members are on hand to handle the paperwork. There are cases where the release can take place in a matter of hours, and sometimes circumstances prevent them from release up to 12 hours. In some situations, the defendant can pay their own bail and not need the services of a bail bondsman. Even if paid by the defendant, the release process will still take the same steps.

Anytime an individual has to appear in court; it is a good decision to be represented by an attorney. Attorney’s will ensure fair treatment throughout the legal process. It is in the defendant’s best interest to hire an attorney to understand the bail bondsman service and that of the legal system they are entering.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bail Bonds In Las Vegas
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