Being arrested for a DUI is a common occurrence in Las Vegas and may require DUI Bail Bonds.

DUI Bail Bonds Company in Las Vegas 1When someone is being arrested for driving under the influence, you won’t probably think of them as criminals. However, even when someone is pulled over for DUI for the first time they will go to jail and may need one of our DUI Bail Bonds.

The first thing on the mind of DUI suspects and their family is getting them out of jail. 911 Bail Bonds specializes in DUI Bail Bonds in Las Vegas. Our bail bondmen are available 24/7 and will assist you with getting your loved one released as quickly as possible. We are professionals and will walk you through every step of the DUI Bail Bonds process. Our bail agents will gladly come right to your home or you can come to our office in Las Vegas to discuss DUI Bail Bonds.

Normally if it is your first DUI, DUI Bail Bonds are not needed. The person arrested will usually be held for eight hours before they are released on their own recognizance or with a citation. DUI Bail Bonds are necessary under the following circumstances:

  • A prior DUI or citation for drunk driving
  • An accident was the result of drunk driving which includes even if it was a single car accident
  • The driver is not of legal drinking age
  • A minor was in the car at the time of the accident

What is a DUI Bail Bond?

A DUI Bail Bond is when someone who was arrested for DUI pays a set amount to be released from police custody. Under the conditions of being released the suspect agrees to appear in court ever time he or she is summoned to appear in court which includes arraignment, a preliminary hearing, pre-trial motions, and the trial. In the event that the person fails to appear in court when scheduled, DUI Bail Bonds will be forfeited.  If you have been arrested for a DUI, 911 Bail Bonds in Las Vegas can help with DUI Bail Bonds!

DUI Bail Bonds Company in Las Vegas
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911 Bail Bonds is happy to serve you in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise, Summerlin, Sunrise Manor and Spring Valley. If a loved one has been arrested and you need to Bail Bond them out call us now! Please use our contact us page or Call us at 702-489-3000.

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