Driver Arrested After Monster Truck Kills 9 in Mexico
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If you drive on the road today you’ll probably notice that trucks are getting bigger. These once modest automobiles designed to haul and load more weight than an average car are being turned into gas guzzling, earth shattering and larger than life machines that beg for attention. Monster trucks and their shows, have been an inspiration and source of entertainment for car and truck enthusiasts for decades. Unlike cars or modified trucks seen on the road, these trucks are equipped with over-sized wheels and suspension that don’t need to comply with traffic laws or regulations.

However, these trucks although fun to look at can quickly turn into hell on wheels and reek havoc on objects below. Recently, a monster truck show in Chihuahua Mexico turned into a nightmare when a driver lost control of his truck and plowed into a crowd of onlookers. Carlos Gonzalez, spokesman for the Chihuahua state prosecutors’ office, said  51-year-old driver Francisco Velazquez Samaniego appeared to lose control of the truck after leaping over cars it was crushing during a demonstration. source.

The accident killed 9 people and injured many more. Samaniego was arrested and recently charged with manslaughter. Chihuahua state prosecutors read the charges against Francisco Velazquez Samaniego during a hearing. They also listed the names of the individuals killed and the types of injuries victims had sustained.

“He didn’t meet the age and health requirements needed to be part of the show,” prosecutor Gerardo Carbajal said. He didn’t say what those requirements are.

Velazquez Samaniego, 51, appeared before a judge wearing a neck brace as another person died at a hospital, raising the death toll from the incident to nine. At least 80 people were hurt during the monster truck exhibition in the northern city of Chihuahua. source.

Samaniego told the court that he lost consciousness after his helmet came off during the show. “I was driving to one side and then I turned around and drove to the other side, my helmet came off and I hit my head and lost consciousness,” he said. “I wasn’t conscious when the truck fell on the people.”source

Despite the chargers and alleged negligence of the driver, the area was not suited for such a show to take place.  People were too close to the track and there was nothing separating them from the truck. It appears as if the setting was a formula for a disaster waiting to happen.

Veteran monster truck show organizers said spectators should never have been standing that close to the arena floor unprotected, regardless of the trajectory of the truck. They said properly organized shows take place in an arena with a safety zone separating spectators from the trucks, which the Chihuahua city show lacked. source. 

Authorities have made no other arrests in the case and there’s no mention if Samaniego has been able to post bond. If you, a loved one or someone you know has been arrested and don’t know where to turn you should consider hiring a bail bondsman. 911 Bail Bonds has experience in handling all types of criminal or traffic arrests and can get you out of jail fast.  We are available around the clock to help you. No one wants to sit in jail while they await future court hearings or sentencing. For nearly a decade we have been specializing in any size bond to help you get out of jail after an arrest.

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