Bail Bonds: Cash Bonds Or Surety Bonds?
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If you have found yourself behind bars, 911 Bail Bonds is the 911 call to make in order to get out. When the bondsmen have the proper information, there is no longer any need to worry about being freed on bail. This company is prepared to work with the charges, whether they are misdemeanours or felonies, and to handle everything. This team of bondsmen has handled every situation before, including

  • Repeat DWIs
  • Drug Crimes
  • Sexual assault
  • Assault by choking or strangulation
  • Aggravated assault
  • Assault with bodily injury
  • Rape
  • Intoxication assault and manslaughter

No case is too difficult. There are two bail bonds that work for most people; they are cash bonds or surety bonds. If you have been released on an ROR, or Recognizance bond, there is no need for a bondsman.

  • Cash bonds are when a friend or relative of the defendant brings the total amount of the bail bonds in cash.
  • Surety bonds are when the bond company puts up the bail bonds, usually a check, for the amount of bail. The check is submitted, and if all the court dates are met, then the bail bonds is returned to the bond company, un-cashed.

Bail bonds are really cooperation between the bail bondsmen and the defendant. At 911 Bail Bonds, their part is to have the bondsman on the way to the jail as soon as the defendant is cleared.

Now, the commitment transfers to the defendant. Generally, the court date is set one to three weeks in advance for the first appearance. What happens 30-32 percent of the time in Las Vegas is the defendant misses the court date. They either forget or they don’t want to show up. Either of these options are not good choices because the commitment was not upheld. The judge has no choice but to send out an arrest warrant for the defendant.

An arrest warrant means that any law enforcement officer is able to pick up the defendant at their own discretion. If this was an honest mistake, then the defendant should contact the bonds office immediately. With the help of 911 Bail Bonds, they can offer the defendant a “warrant bond,” which will keep the defendant out of jail even though the arrest warrant is still outstanding.

When warrant bail bonds are issued through a bonds company, the defendant must follow all of the conditions and all court dates because this is their last chance. If one of these is missed, there are no more options but to be sent back to jail. Bail bonds are designed to help the defendant get out of an uncomfortable situation, but the bonds cannot be abused.

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