Role of the Bondsman in Las Vegas
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A bondsman in Las Vegas is an individual or a licensed company who sell surety bonds.  In the movies, a bondsman is typically portrayed as a bounty hunter who runs after the accused running away from the hands of the law. In reality, being a bondsman in Las Vegas is not an exciting job. Essentially, selling bail bonds is a business endeavor.

Where then does chasing criminals come into the picture?

If you are charged with an offence and placed under arrest, the accused is sent to jail so that he can be tried for the offense he is charged with. Most crimes, except the most heinous are bailable offenses. This means that the court sets a bail or a money warrant that the accused must pay to guarantee that he appears in court during the required dates to face the charges against him. In most States including, Las Vegas NV, if the accused abide by the required court dates the money paid is reimbursed. The bail that is set depends on the type of crime and other mitigating circumstances (i.e. if the accused is deemed as a flight risk).

Where does the bondsman in Las Vegas come into the picture?

Often, especially for more serious crimes the bail may be too high for the accused to be able to afford it. Thus, the accused can purchase a surety bond from the bondsman at a percentage of the cost of the bail. However, unlike in court where the money paid by the accused is returned to him if he does not miss a court date, the 10% bail fee paid to the bondsman is non-refundable.

Normally, the bondsman in Las Vegas already has standing agreement with the courts to cover for the bail of multiple clients. However, in the past few years criticisms have arisen against bondsmen in Las Vegas as well as around other parts of America. Since, it is a business bondsmen may focus on clients who require a larger bail (which means they are facing more serious offenses) rather than those who are facing pettier crimes since the percentage they will earn from larger offenses is bigger.

What then is the role of the bounty hunter?

 Bounty hunters are hired by a bondsman in Las Vegas to go after clients (or accused) who have decided to skip bail. Since, the bondsman is acting as a guarantor for the accused, he has essentially promised the court that he will ensure that his client will appear on the required court dates.

After all, who would want to spend days, weeks and even months awaiting trial in jail when you can sit and wait at home a fraction of the cost? Call a bondsman in Las Vegas if you ever find yourself in prison in the area and cannot afford to pay the bail.

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