A bondsman is someone that you hopefully will never need but if you find yourself or a loved one in jail then sometimes they are the only option.

bondsmanGetting arrested and spending time in jail is no fun but the truth is that many people will have this happen to them at some point for a variety of different reasons. Most often when arrested, you will be given a bond amount that will get you out of jail but sometimes this can be more than you can afford. That is where a bondsman comes into the picture.

A bondsman will pay your bail amount for a portion of the total plus a fee so that you can get out of jail for much cheaper than if you had to pay the whole amount yourself.

When you post bail to the court and are released from jail that bail amount is basically a guarantee that you will show up in court on the dates that you are required to. If you show up to all of your scheduled court dates then the money that you paid for bail will be returned.

If you use a bail bondsman all of the money that you put up will be returned to you minus the fee that is charged for posting your bail. If for some reason you miss a court date then there are still options that the bondsman could be able to help you with which could involve getting a new court date, especially if you have a good reason for missing your hearing.

A bail bondsman in Las Vegas is required to be licensed in the state of Nevada. Small bond amounts are typically attained from the cash flow that is on hand, and for larger amounts the Bail Bonds agency will access certain financial institutions.

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Bail amounts can vary greatly depending on the crime that you were arrested for which can lead to rather high deposits with the bail bondsman but even if you don’t think that you can afford it there still may be options available such as using collateral that you may have instead of putting up the cash for the deposit.

This can be a great option for families with a loved one in jail for a serious crime where the bail amount may be quite high with a lengthy trial ahead because not paying the bail amount could mean spending a long time in jail before the case even goes to trial. In the event that you find yourself or a loved one in jail in the Las Vegas area give 911 Bail Bonds a call and we will do all that we can to make getting out as quick of a process as possible.

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