Do You Know Where to Find a Bail Bonds Man?
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Anyone who watches police dramas or even the nightly news has heard something about posting bail, but few of who have not been in trouble really know the process and how it works.  But anyone can find themselves in a bad situation, and knowing where to find a reliable bail bonds man before you actually need one means that you won’t be frantically scrambling under pressure in the middle of what is already a serious predicament.

It can happen out of the blue when you are just out having a good time.  Maybe a friend you’re with offended someone and a fight broke out.  Maybe someone made the wrong call about whether or not to drive home and got pulled over and arrested.  Maybe a loved one has even been falsely accused.  Whatever the circumstances, if someone you care about is jailed and a judge grants bail, a bail bonds man can help.

If you are in Las Vegas or anywhere in Clark County and need a bail bonds man, you can contact 911 Bail Bonds 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year at (702) 489-3000 for fast, reliable help with the bail process.

What Does a Bail Bonds Man Do?

A bail bonds man will handle the details of posting bail for a small fee.  In Nevada, that fee is set by law at 15%.  When a judge grants bail, it means that a sum of money (or collateral) must be put forward as insurance that the accused will attend all court hearings as required.  This is the condition an accused must meet in these circumstances to be released from jail in advance of the trial.  There is some paperwork to be done as part of the bail process, and an experienced bail bonds man can usually do it in less than half an hour.

The bail bonds man from 911 Bail Bonds will also help ensure that the accused attends court on the required dates.  In some cases, a bail bonds man will be authorized to arrest an accused who has failed to show up for court.  The staff at 911 Bail Bonds are happy to explain the process in more detail to you and to talk you through exactly what we do and why.  Our goal is to have all bail conditions met so the bail money is returned to the person who paid it.

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