Beating The Case With A Top Fort Lauderdale DUI Specialist
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An evening of drinking in Fort Lauderdale can sometimes result in an arrest for driving under the influence, and the need for a respectable DUI lawyer in Ft Lauderdale to represent you. No one anticipates being pulled over and arrested, and the outcome can often be quite a shock to someone who experiences being charged with this crime. The penalties related to a conviction for DUI at sentencing are typically significant and can include considerable fines and costs, driving restrictions, probation and sometimes even being locked up. When you have been arrested for an alcohol related driving offense, there are a couple of things you should think about as you reflect on whether a DUI attorney can help.

It’s common to find those charged with driving while intoxicated to have no previous legal problems or experience with the arrest process or getting locked up. Your level of intoxication will be examined at the scene with a variety of sobriety tests and perhaps the use of a Breathalyzer.

Some people choose to decline the request to blow in the device, and this results in an immediate arrest and being presumed guilty. As a rule you will be presented with the alternative to either use the Breathalyzer or take a blood test to determine your level of intoxication. If the officer assesses that your blood alcohol level is over the legal limit (0.08% in Florida), you will be arrested and likely booked into jail.

Based on the state, you could see the judge right away or you could be obliged to wait one to two days. When you’re taken to jail, you will have to post bail if you want to be released. The bond for a first DUI arrest is typically attainable for most people, but it can get very costly when this is your second or third DUI.

It is critical to have legal representation, since there are many elements to DUI laws that are not known to most people. It is fairly common for a reputable criminal lawyer to be able to successfully challenge the evidence against you and have it dismissed when possible.

The court system does not look favorably on a person who has a history of DUI convictions, and if this is not your first DUI charge things can get really difficult. Someone who repeatedly drives drunk is looked at as a risk to society and the sentencing usually displays that.

After you’ve found yourself in this circumstance, a DUI lawyer can be an astounding help to you. Your criminal defense attorney will evaluate your predicament from top to bottom and present you a good sign of how things will go in the case. After the evidence has been evaluated, your attorney will identify just what can possibly be done to get the case dismissed or get you the best potential plea bargain. At times the evidence is sound and charges will not be dismissed, and when this transpires the ability to negotiate a great offer for the client becomes imperative. If you have a good lawyer representing you, you will have every chance to achieve a better outcome and minimize your punishment for the crime.

Having a criminal defense attorney representing you will make the matter you face much simpler and less unpredictable. It is crucial to acquire a criminal defense attorney who has extensive experience with DUI cases when you get arrested for driving under the influence in Broward County. Hopefully, after the initial arrest, you will never drive intoxicated again and won’t find yourself in need of Ft Lauderdale criminal lawyer to protect your rights in a criminal court either.

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