Bail Services In Las Vegas: Helping Defendants In Getting Out Of Jail

Nobody ever wants to go to jail, but there is nothing worse than remaining behind bars without the hope of bail. Bail services in Las Vegas is committed to assisting defendants in getting home as soon as possible. Also, experienced bond agents from bail services in Las Vegas will come to your house for no extra charge, in order to get your friend or family member out of confinement.

When a crime has been committed, the arresting officer takes the defendant directly to the county jail to be photographed, fingerprinted and locked in. Bail services in Las Vegas knows the process well because they have been working with law enforcement for over 30 years. When the call is received, bail services in Las Vegas is prepared to bond out the defendant. The bond is paid, and when the defendant is released he has the responsibility to keep the court date that was established.

There are essentially two ways to post bond for any crime, including felonies, which tend to have higher bonds because they are a higher flight risk.

1. Cash Bail – With a cash bail, a guarantor pays the total bail amount in cash to the court. The court keeps the amount for up to 90 days, and all court fees or fines that are incurred are deducted from the total. When all the responsibilities are met, the remainder is returned.

2. Surety Bond – With this method, the assistance of professional bail services in Las Vegas is required because they will write the surety check for the security of the defendant. The court does not cash it, but holds it until the court dates have been met. When this is accomplished, the judge “exonerates,” or closes, the bond in open court. The uncashed check is then returned to bail services in Las Vegas. The check would only be cashed if a court date was missed and the defendant rearrested.

Bail services in Las Vegas work with all types of charges, including misdemeanors, warrants or felonies, and all is treated equally. It doesn’t matter if the defendant pleads guilty or not guilty, when a 911 Bond is secured, keeping the court dates is what is decisive. If a date is missed, the county submits a warrant for the defendant’s arrest, but that can be avoided by calling bail services in Las Vegas. The bondsman has information to give the court, so the judge will reinstate another court date and the defendant will not have to go back to jail.

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