Bail Bondsman: Your Ticket to Freedom
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bail bondsman holds the ticket to your freedom.

When you are faced with staying in jail until a hearing is set up, a bondsman is the answer to your prayers. They are someone you never want to admit you need but can be your best friend when you do need them. It is their job to be there when you need them.

Sometimes people make mistakes and sometimes fate puts people in a position where certain things are unavoidable. Finding yourself or a loved one in jail is never a happy occasion. No one wants to stay in jail any longer than possible which is why bail bonds  process are so important to the average person. They are the ones that are there to assist in setting you free. It is their job to get you released until your hearing regardless of presumed innocence or guilt.

A Bail Bondsman will explain why misdemeanor bail bonds are different than felony bail bonds.

A misdemeanor bail bond is a bond on a crime that is minor. A misdemeanor is a crime that can be punished with a small fine and a short amount in jail. The offenses are minor but no one wants to spend an extra day in jail that they don’t have to. Your bail bondsman will probably explain that it is important for you to do exactly what is told for you to do because in many cases disobeying only makes things a lot worse for you.

Much like felony charges, you must first go to a hearing and be trying to conclude guilt or innocence. It is common for the police to go ahead and release the defendant on a misdemeanor bond as long as they comply with the conditions. There is little waiting and as long as you follow the directions given when released, there is little you can lose with a misdemeanor bail bond. In most cases it is well worth getting out of jail.

A good bail bondsman has many years of experience to get you freed in a timely manner with less hassle.

The first important thing to an experienced bail bondsman is to get you or your loved one home where you belong. Once you or your loved one has been arrested for a misdemeanor it important to contact legal representation and your bail bondsman. Working together the bail bondsman and lawyer can get you released sooner and provide you with the support you need to stay out of jail until you have been to court.

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