Arizona Immigration Law Deplored By Napolitano And Others
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The Arizona immigration law, recently signed by Governor Jan Brewer, has won few fans. The bill has in the ranks of detractors, the President, the Mexican government, Janet Napolitano, and Meghan McCain. The debate is over methods, though it is an issue in need of redress. The problem already sends Arizona running for a personal loan company to deal with it.

Arizona immigration law slammed by Janet Napolitano

Janet Napolitano has lashed out at the new Arizona immigration law. The head of the Department of Homeland Security herself believes “it is a misguided law.” (From CNN .) The issue has long gone without addressing, and the President and Congress may soon make it a top priority.

Meghan McCain breaks rank

John McCain may support it, but his daughter Meghan McCain does not. A recent post by her on The Daily Beast declared the bill as it “misses the bigger picture of what is really going on with illegal immigration.” She also said those who don’t see the daily impact of illegal immigration can’t grasp the complexity of it, especially when we obviously depend on them without acknowledging it.

Statements from the Government of Mexico

The President of Mexico himself believes Governor Brewer has done many a disservice with the bill. President Felipe Calderon issued a statement announcing his frustration with the measure.

“The criminalization of the migration phenomenon, far from contributing to the cooperation and collaboration between Mexico and the U.S., represents an obstacle in the solution of common problems in the border region.” – from Christian Science Monitor .

He was not the sole Mexican official to do so. The consensus is that Washington has done little to deal with the problem, and that the general attitude toward immigrants, especially Latin Americans, has been one of hypocrisy and ignorance towards Mexican immigrants and their contributions to American culture.

Not the first time either

Heavy handed legislation targeting immigrants has been tried before. It never works, either. Many immigrants come here with only a quick payday and good honest sweat in mind. Though there are always bad apples, it seems apparent that a solution that doesn’t benefit both sides is the road to ruin. There is demand for their labor, and there is supply, and nothing stands in the way of those forces.

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