Some people are very hesitant when it comes to the issue of using anxiety disorder drugs. They may fear addiction or their side effects, or may just have a generally negative opinion about these in the first place, thinking that drugs and medication are for those who are weak.  Especially when it comes to anxiety disorder drugs do many think that they should be able to go without, reasoning that anxiety and panic are things they should handle on their own.

In truth there are many anxiety disorder drugs on the market today that can do a patient a world of good.  These medications are not as harsh as they perhaps once were, and if used under a doctor’s supervision should not cause addiction.  Side effects always vary but can usually be controlled and tolerated.

Antidepressants are common anxiety disorder drugs to treat posttraumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, and obsessive compulsive disorder.  They may also be used to treat a variety of depressive disorders, such as manic depression, major depressive disorder, or postpartum depression.

They can be prescribed in very mild form or can be much stronger for those with serious cases of depression, especially if they have suicidal thoughts or tendencies.  Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs) are anxiety disorder drugs used to treat panic and extreme forms of anxiety, along with social phobia and posttraumatic stress disorder.

All anxiety disorder drugs should be taken exactly as prescribed.  Unfortunately many who take these drugs without immediate relief take it upon themselves to increase their dosage, with damaging and dangerous results.  Or they make the opposite mistake and, afraid of becoming addicted or of overdoing the drug, cut their dose.  This can make them ineffective.

Your doctor can tell you exactly your dosage of anxiety disorder drugs, along with side effects to expect.  Most patients taking any of these types of anxiety disorder drugs experience dry mouth, some dizziness, mild headaches, and slight weight gain.  Most side effects are moderate but any that interfere with a person’s routine or everyday life should speak with their doctor; usually additional medications can be prescribed for severe headaches or other serious side effects.

Most who use anxiety disorder drugs properly find that they offer a great amount of relief from their depression or panic.  When used under a doctor’s supervision and as prescribed, they can help a patient live panic-free.


Anxiety Disorder Drugs – Choosing and Using
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